My second Eid in a row without my parents sure makes me appreciate/love/miss them that much more. Count yourself SUPER lucky if you are with your parents this time of year.

Eid Mubarak everyone!

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Jewelry/accessories store in Silemani ✨✨

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"Excel in what remains, and the past will be forgiven." -Al-Hasan Al-Basri

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Masjid we saw on our way back from the countryside

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Strawberries we bought on the side of the road on the countryside

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Had one of the best times yesterday in a little mountain village near Halabja, details/pics now up on my blog

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Wild mountain sunflowers

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Never looking at chicken the same way

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While you're on vacation enjoying your life please don't forget the Iraqis who are being killed in the same country. I know Kurds don't care about Iraqis or Gaza.

Who the heck are you to tell me who Kurds care about and pray for. Just like how there are Arabs who could care less about Gaza, there are also Kurds and Persians and Indians etc etc who don’t care. NOT TO MENTION the Kurdish government is currently housing HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND of IRAQI and SYRIAN refugees. Kurds were literally giving the coats and shoes they had on for these refugees. Obviously you have NO IDEA what’s going on in the world.

I spend four years studying Muslims, Islam, politics, and the Middle East, and as a Muslim it is my JOB to care and pray and do something about all Muslims and humans suffering in the world.

I hope one day you don’t stay as ignorant as you are now, please get over yourself

Kebobs with tomatoes and greens we hand pickled

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