After a 12 hour drive with all my belongings, I am now settled in my new home for the next two years, at Hartford Seminary to earn a Masters degree in Islamic Chaplaincy in Connecticut.

So grateful for this opportunity and so thankful for my amazingly supportive family and friends, miss you guys so much already!

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At the farmers market with @chronamik and @bawarhawramani

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Incredible roasted leg of lamb by @bananthos mom

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Last breakfast in Kurdistan

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Driving through the Slemani central bazar for the last time :(

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Incredible mountain range near Slemani province

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Little cousins in their Kurdish clothes

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Beautiful stone masjid in Tawela, Hawraman near the Iran border

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Mosque on the west outer-belt of the Slemani highway

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The right side of this stream is Iraq, and the left side is Iran

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