Beginning of autumn (at Hartford Seminary)

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By Liu Maochan


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Called my mom and she was out with my sister. That still hurts I cant handle fun being had without me, ESPECIALLY at the Farmers Market

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Coming home 1am in the morning because of late night dinners with scholars/classmates»

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Our revolution’s united front. FSA and the Kurdish YPG to fight ISIS in northern Aleppo!

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Found a bouquet of mushrooms (at Hartford Seminary)

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He cold as hell for this.

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"The most astonishing phenomenon in the history of Islam was undoubtedly the fact that Islam, which conquered civilizations far superior in intellectual and cultural attainment, not only avoided being assimilated by them-as was Rome by conquered Greece-but ended by assimilating them to its own culture." -Robert Casper, A Historical Introduction to Islamic Theology

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Just read a 40 page article by various scholars about whether wudu requires us to wash OR wipe the feet for prayer #brainfried

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We had a dessert party because our diabetic roomie @nargis_khanoom was away for the night

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New Sunday night dinner tradition @nargoos @jassmith21 @sesheeerrr @farah_zahra

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My talented roomie @farah_zahra took a lovely photo of my head while I was reading

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